August6No Drop in7Travel Group: South Yorkshire Churches16Showroom Lectures: Cognitive health
September3Drop-in session + ipad/web support20Showroom lecture: From Barrows to Bunkers27 - 2ETG:Romania and Transylvania=D2Travel Group: Highlights of the Scottish Borders
October1Drop-in session + ipad/web support4"All Ears" Music at the Showroom 10.305Quiz Night11Ccgoers: Moscow Philharmonic16Travel Group: Coventry & Cultural Heritage18Showroom Lectures: Shekespeare & the Globe2160's Project: Further & Higher Education23Pond Clearance at Whirlowbrook Park25Lunch & Lecture: Fool's Gold
November1"All Ears" Music at the Showroom 10.305Drop-in session + ipad/web support
December3Drop-in session + ipad/web support