January7Drop-in session + ipad/web support10All Ears at Quaker Meeting House17Showroom Lectures: Joe Scarborough
February4Drop-in session + ipad/web support8Ccgoers: Iceland Symphony Orchestra21Showroom Lectures: What would Ethel do?
March3Drop-in session + ipad/web support14-15Weekenders: Tutankhamun Exhibition20Showroom Lectures: The Brontes
April7Drop-in session + ipad/web support17Showroom Lectures: The contribution of the University to Sheffield Life
May5Drop-in session + ipad/web support9-14ETG: Santiago de Compostela15Showroom Lectures: Landslides: Its Downhill all the Way
June2Drop-in session + ipad/web support19Showroom Lectures: The French Resistance Movement