Data Protection

Data supplied to SU3A by Group members

Sheffield U3A asks all members to agree to Terms and Conditions. These can be found on your personal profile at Scroll down to ‘Use of personal data’.
This means that as a Group Coordinator you have access to, and may keep the information supplied to us by your Group members. You should, of course, keep this information reasonably securely and not pass it on to anyone outside your Group. ‘Reasonably securely’ means on a password protected computer or mobile device if kept electronically and not on open view if kept on paper.

Some Groups like to share contact information with each other. You must obtain verbal agreement from everyone sharing such information and take reasonable steps to ensure it is up to date. There are secure ‘cloud’ options for sharing such data, for example Dropbox, if that is agreed by Group members.

If your Group members prefer not to share contact information be careful to use ‘bcc’ when emailing the Group, or members can agree to the use of ‘cc’.

Data supplied to SU3A by Group Coordinators

As a Group Coordinator it is necessary for people to be able to contact you about your Group. Thus, your name and telephone number are stored in a database kept on our web servers. Those are shown as part of the public information about your Group found at and are also shown in the Group Centre Pages of Links. An email address for your Group is also kept on this database but is hidden. Email contact is made using a form. The email address is the one that you have decided should be used – it does not need to be your private email address.