Membership and Practicalities

Group Membership

A record should be kept of group members and their SU3a member number. This is important because only SU3a members are insured.
At least once a year you should check these details to the SU3A membership website. To do this log into Wild Apricot, the SU3A membership site,

You should reach a page with a green and blue menu bar near the top. Click on Groups and then click on your Group. A list of members should appear. Check this list and inform that you have done so, mentioning any discrepancies.
For insurance purposes it is good practice to keep a register of attendance at group meetings and keep these records for two years.

Deputy Coordinator

All groups with more than five members should have a deputy coordinator, and the General Coordinator should be informed of their name.

Meetings and Venues

All members of the group should know where and when meetings take place.

Your Group’s details on the website

All Sheffield U3A Groups are listed on our website at You should check periodically that all details are correct and inform your General Coordinator of any changes.

Deceased members

Please inform if one if your group members dies.