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Bird Watching I

We are a mixed-ability group from beginners to accomplished bird watchers. Our pre-planned annual programme tries to take account of what birds are likely to be where at a particular time of year. We meet in various places, sometimes near to home, sometimes further afield. Usually visits end with lunch. All trips involve walking a fair distance and standing about, often in inclement weather, although some sites have hides in which to sit. Binoculars are a necessity, as is warm, waterproof clothing. Members with telescopes are always willing to share. Members must have their own transport but car sharing is encouraged.

CoordinatorRobin Peel
Telephone07942 920741 or 07942 920741
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency Monday morning, Fortnightly
Cost6 second postage stamps p.a.
VenueVarious outdoor
ParentThe Natural World, Set A
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