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Jazz Appreciation I

This friendly group shares our own growing knowledge and experience of Jazz, and related types of music, and help each other to develop our own knowledge using any recorded medium available. A number go to listen at various jazz clubs in Sheffield. The group is located in S10 at my home in Lodge Moor where we can play virtually any form of recording from audio tapes, through gramophone records (excepting 78s), Video Tapes, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. We meet every second Tuesday of the month. At present we are going through the musical instruments used in Jazz and playing samples of the music played in the various jazz eras. We have an extensive sound library which we augment with videos and have various reference books as background. Easy access.

CoordinatorJohn Green
Telephone230 7768 or 07952 359919
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency2nd Tuesday morning, Monthly
Cost25p per session
VenueMember’s home, S10
ParentMusic, Set C