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Tai Chi & Chi Kung West Sheffield Group 2

The 90 minutes lesson (with a break for refreshments) primarily consists of tai chi with some chi kung exercises included. Tai chi is a form of exercise that is kind to the joints and muscles. It involves movements that are slow and stretch out limbs and the back, helps maintain or even improve balance and flexibility, coordination of upper and lower limb movements, and relaxes the mind. It also helps maintain muscle strength primarily in the legs and middle section of the body. Chi Kung exercises are very old Chinese exercise routines that are to maintain and promote good health and unlike tai chi tend to be done without moving away from where you start them and are a gentle way of exercising various muscles without strain There are a number of styles of tai chi but the style taught is Yang Style – the one most taught worldwide. All new students start off with the first form in the Yang syllabus involving just 8 of the many tai chi movements so that it gives a newcomer to tai chi a complete set of movements to learn in a relatively short time. Development to longer forms will be dependent upon individual progress.

CoordinatorRon Jarman
Telephone0114 2306878
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency Thursday afternoon, Weekly
Cost£40 for a block of 10 sessions
VenueSt Gabriels Church Hall, Dobbin Hill, S 11
ParentPhysical Activities, Set C