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February 2019: EM-19-02

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Notification of AGM 2019
AGM Minutes 2018

MPLC Film Licence

The Third Age Trust, as in previous years, has purchased a licence for all the production companies covered by Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (please note this is not all production companies), a list of which can be found on their website, www.themplc.co.uk. It started at the beginning of February and covers you for 12 months to show films outside your homes for both educational and entertainment purposes. Download your copy of the licence here:MPLC Licence

PPL/PRS Licence

The PPL licence purchased by the Trust gives U3As permission to play recorded music in public as part of their interest/activity groups.Download here.

First National Study Day for Languages

The Trust is working with language Subject Advisers Heather Westrup and Dorothy Newman to bring U3A the first National Study Day for Languages to be held on 27th March at Aston University in Birmingham.
Heather said, “Our unique U3A language learning context means that we don’t turn away prospective learners, so small U3As need to cope with “mixed ability”. Other groups want to know how to manage without an “expert” leader. Groups at higher levels enjoy suggestions for conversation sessions while learners new to a language need ideas for retaining that all important vocabulary. All relish the time to exchange ideas about language activities and games”.
This study day is aimed particularly at supporting U3A group convenors to share ideas and best practice. It is seen as a pilot for more such days on different subjects.