“All Ears” Music at the Showroom

New Open Group for music – “I’ll listen to yours if you’ll listen to mine”

‘I’ve heard it all before’ is a syndrome that we Third-Agers are sometimes prone to, especially in the case of music, however wide our listening tastes. But maybe there’s another music-lover out there who values something we’ve never heard that could send us off in a new and refreshing musical direction; and perhaps we could do the same for them.

That’s the thinking behind ‘All Ears’, a new Open Group being road-tested this autumn.  The idea is that all SU3A members are invited to nominate a piece of music, and once a month there is a session at which everyone who wishes to come along (whether they’ve made nominations or not) can hear what’s been suggested.

All and every kind of music is welcome, from neglected favourites all the way through to the obscure and experimental; just as long as somebody loves them.  In order to avoid the technical difficulties of playing music in different formats, nominations must be down-loadable from the Spotify online music platform (and with more than 40 million tracks available that’s highly likely).

Listening sessions will take place in Cinema 1 at The Showroom from 10.30am till 12 on Friday 4 October, and again on Friday 1 November.  Play-lists will be selected at random from the nominations submitted and the first 10 minutes of each item will be played, regardless of total length.

Nothing will happen without members’ input, so please email your suggestions as soon as you like – and as many as you like too (although only one per person will go into the hat for possible selection).

Paul Cordwell                                                     paulcordwell3@gmail.com / 0114-3273954