Site maintenance

This page contains instructions/help for those regularly maintaining the site.

This page should only be visible in the dashboard.

The calendar

This is kept as a spreadsheet of file type .xls. It can be edited in Excel, Open office, Office Libre.

You may download the calendar as a spreadsheet here.

Edit it and check that any links you have added work.

You can then upload it:

Upload files

It should be uploaded to This will replace the old file

The replacement calendar is:

April2Drop-in session + ipad/web support11Steel City Wanderers -Sheffield Radical Politics12Showroom Lectures: Chamber Music27Concert: European Chamber Orchestra
May7Drop-in session + ipad/web support15Travel Group: Beverley and Humber Bridge17Showroom Lectures: Reading Sheffield
June1Concert: Philharmonia Orchestra4Drop-in session + ipad/web support18Travel Group: National Science and Media Museum21Showroom Lectures: 2nd lives for the 3rd age28 – July 2Travel Group: Short break in Somerset
July2Drop-in session + ipad/web support9 AGM 17Travel Group: River Trent cruise19Showroom Lectures: History of the General Cemetery28Travel Group: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
AugustNo Drop in7Travel Group: South Yorkshire Churches16Showroom Lectures: Cognitive health
September3Drop-in session + ipad/web support30 to Oct 4Travel Group: Highlights of the Scottish Borders
October1Drop-in session + ipad/web support

Updating pages

From the dashboard choose the page you wish to edit. Make sure the ‘Visual’ tab at top right is selected. You can then edit the text using buttons at the top, as desired, just as in Word or similar. When you have finished, click on Preview to check your changes. Close the preview page and click on Update to confirm your edits.

The ‘Text’ tab is used if any code is wanted. To include spaces and line breaks when using the Text tab use the code

Adding Media

To add pictures, go to the Media link near the top of the left hand sidebar in the dashboard and follow instructions. Make sure it has a title(? Check this is the name), if one is wanted, and that it is allocated to a suitable category.
To add pictures to a page, simply add it when editing the page by clicking on the Add Media tab.



To give it rounded corners add class=”rounded-image” after ‘img’ as in the second example above:

Adding several pictures

Adding several pictures to a page is best done using the Create Gallery option: on the left when you choose add media for a page. Choose your pictures and then choose Create New Gallery (bottom right). The default choices, in the options that appear on the right, for this site are media file to be shown on clicking, 3 cols, medium size. Now click on insert Gallery. Something like the code below will appear. Our style gives gallery images rounded corners.

Adding PDF files

Existing PDF files may be updated and added to media as for pictures. New PDF files can be added to available media as above. Currently this site has a plug-in PDF Embedder that means pdf files are automatically diplayed on the page.

membership renewal form 2018

For large files it is probably better that they are downloaded rather than embedded. An easy way to manage this is to add the pdf as an embedded file. Click on the text tab and change the code to a link by:

This is shown in this code:
Download The story so far here

Another way is to upload the pdf file to media, and copy its url. Then type the text (or insert the button) that acts as the link ie Download here, and create a link to that text by clicking the link symbol and pasting in the url.