Test and developers page

Technical information about this site

This is WordPress site running the them su3a-child, a child of su3a theme. The su3a theme has benn (is being) developed by the su3a web team. It is based on a combination of the BlankSlate theme and the MyKnowledgebase theme but has had several features removed. Essentially features connected with blogging and comments have been taken away.

hello this is bold

The child theme has no additional styling but has a functions file that, in particular, contains code written by the web team to allow displaying of .xls files as tables.

The website has various plug-ins and these should be updated when appropriate. Click on Plug-ins on the left to see which they are.

In particular it has a plug-in All-in-one-Migration that allows a zipped version of the website and installer to be created. This should be employed after any significant change to provide a back-up.

The style.css file can be viewed by choosing Appearance then Editor on the left. You then need to select the su3a theme rather than the su3a-child theme to see it. Do not edit this file without consulting the web team!

WordPress accesses php functions by using short code. This has the form ‘[functionname args]’. It is used, for example, when showing tables.

Demonstration code

This part of the page is for demonstration purposes. You should view it in edit mode with the Text tab selected. Click on Preview changes to see the effect.

Below you will see a simple table created from a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is called test.xls and is in the folder wp-content/uploads/. Click on the text tab while editing to see the code that displays this table. A plug-in wordpress-file-upload has been installed to enable spreadsheets to be uploaded. A special page has been created for such uploads.

Head 1Head 2urlHead4
21/04/18aThis cell has a linkBold: not bold
23/04/18ab :not italic

You may download this table as a spreadsheet here.

You can then upload it:

Upload files

Here is some sample button code. Punctuation is vital.

Button groups are coded as below: note that space between buttons is achieved using   and that no new lines are used. This can be used for up to 4 buttons. On narrower screens the text will reduce in size and the buttons in width.

A back button can be added with the following code:

If adding to a sidebar use the sidebar button class:

The width is based on the container so it is very wide here.

The next button is designed to fit into a table (used for email links perhaps)

Email the someone or other