Covid 19


National U3A Newsletter with latest advice (July 2 2020)

Following the Government’s introduction of the nationwide lockdown in March 2020, SU3A informed members that all non-virtual SU3A activities must immediately cease.

These notes refer to non-virtual activities.
As lockdown starts to ease certain SU3A activities may be possible and hopefully, over time, most SU3A activities can restart. These notes outline the broad principles that Group Coordinators must address before restarting their activities. These are

  • Government Guidelines must be followed;
  • Guidelines issued by Third Age Trust must be followed;
  • Guidelines issued by any national body, if appropriate to your Group’s activity, should be considered;
  • Risk Assessments or, for more minor activities, checklists must be updated, distributed to and accepted by participating Group members who should also complete personal risk assessments.

Guidelines issued by the Government, Third Age Trust and, if appropriate, any national body relevant to your Group’s activity, will change. It is therefore vital that as a Group Coordinator you keep up to date with any such changes.
These guidelines may reverse and become more restrictive.

At the time or writing – 4 June 2020 – SU3A indoor activities remain prohibited under Government Guidelines but certain outdoor activities, with numbers limited to 6, may be possible provided the above steps are followed.

Notes on each of the above follow:.

Government Guidelines

The latest guidelines can be found on
If a nationwide lockdown is reintroduced then SU3A will again inform you by email and the SU3A website that all activities must again cease.

Third Age Trust Guidelines

Guidelines were issued on 3 June 2020. These are most helpful and comprehensive. They must be followed and are on the site

Third Age Trust has also issued outline paperwork to assist in preparing the checklists referred to in the link above. See

Note that Third Age Trust strongly recommend that members complete and retain a personal risk assessment.

If Third Age Trust issue further guidelines then these will be forwarded to the email address you provided and the SU3A website updated.

National Body

Certain groups are members of their national bodies and other groups undertake activities that, although they may not be official members, have relevant national bodies. Examples are: The Bicycle Association, the Croquet Association, British Orienteering, the Ramblers Association and the England Cricket Board.

Such national bodies are issuing detailed guidance relevant to their activity and Group Coordinators should consider such guidance as it emerges and respect any changes to this guidance.

Risk Assessments and Checklists

The advice in this area is hardening. Please refer to the section on Risk Assessments in Section 3: Insurance below. Until now it has been recommended that all groups prepare risk assessments or, for simple activities such as Walking Groups or groups that meet in member’s homes, a checklist. The position from now is

  • A Risk Assessment or, if appropriate, a Checklist, appropriately identifying, and detailing the process to manage, risks arising from Covid 19, must be prepared before any group’s activity recommences.
  • This Risk Assessment / Checklist must be given to, and accepted by, members of the group who wish to participate in its activities.
  • As noted in the Third Age Trust guidelines, members are strongly recommended to conduct their own personal risk assessment before participating in a group’s activities. As Group Coordinator please remind your members of this if you start to open discussions about restarting activities.