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Cycling - Wednesdays

This is a new group for mature cyclists who enjoy moderate rides (10-20 miles depending on the terrain), at moderate speeds (12mph on the flat). We will mainly try to stick to surfaced tracks, trails and low traffic lanes and avoid steep hills. Sheffield being as hilly as it is means that we will normally have to get ourselves and our bikes to various start points within a few miles of Sheffield. Sometimes it will be possible to start the ride at a train station. The tracks are often not suitable for lightweight road bikes. Details of where to meet are sent out the Wednesday before. The rides are normally on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Members will be welcome to suggest routes that they know, and may be able to lead.

CoordinatorSandie Andrews
Telephone07887 740592
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency1st and 3rd Wednesday , Fortnightly
VenueVarious outdoor,
ParentPhysical Activities