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Cycling - Mondays

We are a group of mature cyclists. We do not try to do big mileages and try to cater for all over the variety of rides we put on. Some of us have been cycling for years, whilst others may be entirely new to the game. We do not leave anyone behind and have stops for a breather or to admire the view. We are not just fair weather riders so can sometimes get wet but we avoid really bad or hazardous weather Rides are usually on quiet roads or surfaced tracks and we particularly like the many Sustrans routes around Sheffield. We don't do any rides that need a mountain bike but occasionally tackle trails that can be muddy in wet weather. All you need is an ordinary road or touring bike however a lot of rides are on tracks that are not suitable for light weight bikes.

CoordinatorAlan Bailey
Telephone236 7219
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency Monday, Fortnightly
VenueVarious outdoor
ParentPhysical Activities
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