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Practical Philosophy

We have been meeting ever three weeks since 2016 and we try to keep our focus on practical aspects of the philosophers we study. This year we have looked at philosophies of the enlightenment, including Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Spinoza and Rousseau, and also Mary Wolstonecraft and Edmund Burke. We have also discussed Kierkegaarde, Mill and Feddie Ayer, and had an introduction to Indian philosophy. Planned sessions are on Schopenhauer, the letters of Seneca, how to choose a philosophy, Avicenna, Kant, Sartre and Wittgenstein. Numbers are restricted by space available.

CoordinatorMartin Manby
Telephone230 6505 or 07967 133373
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency Thursday afternoon , 3 wkly
Cost£36 per session shared between members attending
VenueShirley House, Psalter Lane, S11
AccessAccessible public venue without hearing loop
ParentDiscussion, Philosophy, Economics and Religion