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Welsh Duolingo Extra (Beginners to Intermediate)

This is a group for Welsh learners who use Duolingo as a principal resource. Duolingo is suitable for all learners from complete beginner to intermediate levels. The course aims to add things to Duolingo to make it an even better way to learn Welsh! Such as… 1) Sharing your Welsh with real people! 2) Discussing things! Such as when you are sure you are right and Duolingo has maybe got it wrong. 3) Explaining the background to Welsh - and some useful grammar. 4) Talking about what’s really important and what isn’t. What about mutations!!! 5) Doing optional extension work such as writing and presenting short pieces of Welsh – putting our Duolingo Welsh to work! 6) Listening to OUR Welsh voices as well as Duolingo’s. 7) Trying different ways to use Duolingo.

CoordinatorSteve Clements
Telephone255 8422
Meeting Day/Time/ Frequency Wednesday evening, Weekly