What’s on in and around Sheffield

This is a new page for events likely to be of interest to our members. It will rely on members submitting items of interest, so cannot be comprehensive.

A Community Exhibition in Hillsborough Park Coach House

Ignite Imaginations is a local arts charity www.igniteimaginations.org.uk working with Age Uk Sheffield on the development of the Coach House in Hillsborough Park Coach House (ageuk.org.uk). We are looking for groups to be involved in this exciting project and help us develop a community exhibition that will be housed in the new café. We want to explore Hillsborough Park; its heritage, nature and amazing facilities and bring them to life through an exhibition and treasure trail. We are running a workshop based on the below and wondered if the group would be interested in getting involved? Draw, write and discuss what is it the group love about the park, Hillsborough and the area. What are the things they see, hear, feel each day, what makes them feel happy, what makes them stop and look. We will capture these thoughts and feelings through creative activities which will then be used as inspiration for an exhibition about the area in the new Coach House Cafe We could do something virtual with interested members as well as face to face. For more information please contact Denise West denisewest3@btinternet.com


University of Sheffield Consultation on a Sexual Rights Framework for Older Adults

A team from the University of Sheffield is working with Age Better in Sheffield to include a Sexual Rights Charter for older adults within their age-friendly city initiative. The Charter aims to prevent age discrimination in all aspects of health and social care, for sexuality related issues. This includes issues around our intimate and sexual lives but also our sexual and gender identity (LGBTQ+).
It is based on the work we’ve done at the University, in particular our human rights-based approach to sexuality. We’re designing the Charter because we have found that older age can be a barrier to receiving support for many things that are sexuality related. For example, an awareness of social stigma can prevent older adults from seeking help, similarly ageism can prevent practitioners from offering help to older adults when it’s needed such as when managing common health conditions or during treatment for cancer. We also know that services are not set up to support older adults with sexuality issues, and service users often report acts of discrimination.

Our invitation to you

We have already welcomed valuable input from some groups in Sheffield about the Charter. We are keen to include as many voices of older adults as we can and recognise that u3a has a wealth of experience and insight that would really help us to develop the Charter further, and ensure it is a Charter for older adults.
We would like to meet for around one hour max by Zoom. We have draft documents of the Charter which can be sent out before the meeting (these currently consist of three short (one to two page) documents), which will form the basis of the discussion.
We’re really excited about the Charter because we know that it will make a difference to many lives. Sheffield will be the first city in the UK to have a sexual rights charter for older adults. It is truly Sheffield born and bred! If you would like to be part of this initiative, please contact Dr Sharron Hinchcliffe at s.hinchliff@sheffield.ac.uk
Find out more about me, including my contact details, here, and about Age Better in Sheffield here.
Here are details about the sexual rights framework we use in our work, and the book we published a couple of years ago.