U3A and other websites

As a member of Su3a, you are also a member of National U3A and YAHR (Yorkshire and Humberside Region), and can take part in their events.


Virtual U3A is an Internet based U3A group. Click here for a video introducing the Virtual U3A.


Wild Apricot is the programme we use to store membership details. The link below will take you to the members’ log in page.




Spare an hour to volunteer with reading or maths in schools


MOOCS (Massive Online Courses) are free internet courses (not U3A, but worth a look)


Winter Home Insulation Guide for the Elderly

*Practical tips and advice to help the elderly prepare for winter and stay healthy and warm during cold weather.
*A guide to improving the warmth and energy efficiency of seniors’ homes, including tips and FAQs on wall, loft, and roof insulation.
*Information about energy grants, winter assistance programs, and other cold-weather benefits that the elderly are eligible for.
*Other useful tips such as how to save money on energy bills and links to other useful tools and winter resources.