Sheffield u3a

Group Category: Arts and Crafts

  • Video Production (Documentary)

    Through practical experience we will be developing a wide range video production skills including, research, directing, camera-work, sound recording, interviewing, presenting to camera and editing sound, picture and graphics. We will be looking to undertake worthwhile documentary video productions.Home Page Read more

  • Knitting II

    Knitting, crochet, skill and information sharing Read more

  • Patch & Quilt

    We are very much a social group, who works with material old and new. Our highlight is always our Christmas get together at the Coordinators home, where everyone brings a special dish - always good! We have now been together for more than ten years. During that time, thirteen healthy grandchildren have been born. Therefore… Read more

  • Photography

    The membership of this group has a wide range of photographic and technical knowledge and ability. Beginners are welcome; the more experienced members of the group are encouraging and happy to share their knowledge and skills. The group meets between 13.30 and 15.30 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Millhouses Methodist Centre,… Read more

  • Dressmaking and Sewing

    This group is open to anyone with dressmaking or sewing skills, using a machine or hand sewing. Not restricted to dressmaking with fabric - be as creative as you like. It is an opportunity to sew in company with like minded people, exchange ideas and swap tips. Read more

  • Knitting

    We share skills and knowledge, particularly of techniques avoiding sewing up and of d-i-y designing. Some of us knit by hand and /or machine, and also crochet. Perhaps future visits to e.g. museums, specialist stores etc. We are also interested in the possibility of knitting/crochet for charity e.g.. Premature baby unit, chemotherapy patients, wheelchair-bound soldiers… Read more

  • Architecture Past and Present

    We meet monthly for about 2 hours when one of the group members will give a talk on, for example, a period of Architecture (e.g. Roman), a style of Architecture (e.g. Brutalism), a particular building or Architect, a history of certain types of buildings (e.g. housing estates) or the Architecture of a particular town/city (e.g.… Read more

  • Craft

    We are a new Craft Group looking for members. We are a new friendly group who meet fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon at members’ homes to make things, share ideas and techniques and teach each other new skills. If you are interested in joining us please contact Barbara Lowe.Home Page Read more