Sheffield u3a

Group Category: Cards and Board Games

  • Rummikub (Evening)

    Playing Rummikub Read more

  • Rummikub (SE)

    Rummikub is a game played with numbered tiles, four colours, a run of numbers- same colour and four same numbers - different colours. Pick up one if you cannot go. First with no tiles wins. Read more

  • Rummikub 1

    Rummikub is a game played with numbered tiles. It is an easy game to play involving a little skill and a little luck. It is an enjoyable 2-3 hours social time. Read more

  • Scrabble

    Scrabble sets are provided. We use Collins Scrabble Words and 2-3 word lists are available. New members are given help and advice (when requested). SU3A members who play in the Internet would enjoy the friendly atmosphere generated by head to head competition. Read more

  • Mah Jong

    Sociable and friendly group that meets weekly at the Robin Hood pub on Abbeydale Road between 7pm and 9pm, to enjoy playing the Chinese game of May Jong. The game is quick and easy to learn. New members can play alongside an existing member to pick up the game before having a go themselves. Read more

  • Bridge - Friday II

    We play Duplicate Bridge in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, starting promptly at 1.15pm and finishing by 4.40 pm. New members who have progressed beyond the beginners stage are welcome. Partners are found where possible. The venue is on the 120 bus route.Home Page Read more

  • Bridge - Monday

    We play Bridge every Monday from 1pm to 4pm including bank holidays but not 3 days over Christmas and 2 days over New Year. We are a friendly group, come along to play Bridge but also come together to have an enjoyable and friendly social occasion – meeting new people and making new friends. We… Read more

  • Bridge - Thursday

    We play Duplicate Bridge at an intermediate standard. (24 boards per meeting.) Sorry, we are unable to take any beginners.Home Page Read more

  • Bridge - Tuesday

    We play social Duplicate Bridge each Tuesday morning in a friendly atmosphere. Most members come with a partner, but we aim to accommodate the lone player by supplying a standby or bidder each time this occurs. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate beginners – we aim to complete some 20 pre-dealt hands, and need to keep… Read more

  • Bridge Stocksbridge

    We play Duplicate Bridge at Improver level in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Our sessions start at 2-00pm and finish by 5-00pm. We welcome new players who have progressed beyond the beginner’s stage. As we do not have regular partners new players can easily be accommodated. Read more