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Group Category: Music

  • Ukulele

    The group meets fortnightly on Fridays at 2pm. At present we meet at The Ale House, Fraser Road, off Archer Road, Millhouses/Woodseats area. It is really a get together group rather than a teaching group, so it is good if you can already play a few chords. We tend to work through a songbook and… Read more

  • Ukulele 3

    This Group has two strands. One is for strumming and singing and the other for finger style. The strands meet on alternate Tuesdays.Home Page Read more

  • Ukulele Strum for Fun

    We are a friendly mixed ability group, some very new to the ukulele some not so new, who meet to strum and sing a together and we welcome new members. We meet twice a week.Monday at The Grapes Trippet Lane and Friday at St Marys Church Bramall Lane. Both sessions are from 1.00 - 3.00pm.Home… Read more

  • Vintage Voices

    VINTAGE VOICES (aka SU3A Performance Choir) was founded by Carole Hurst and Robert Spooner in 2012 in response to an advert in SU3A Links. We sing in friendship groups around the City including luncheon clubs, care homes, churches and cathedrals for anyone who invites us. Any donations we receive go to charity, for example Lost… Read more

  • Recorder

    Playing music on recorders. Meetings are held in Room 3 on the second and fourth Friday mornings in the month from 10.30 to 12.00. Although the group is currently full, anyone interested is welcome to contact the coordinator first and come and try us out for one session. They can then join the waiting list… Read more

  • Recorder 2

    Recorder for Beginners has graduated! As our members can no longer truthfully be described as beginners, we’re moving on a little. If you have any previous experience of playing (whenever it was!), and know which way up to put the music, do come and join us – it’s highly enjoyable playing with a group. If… Read more

  • Singing for Pleasure

    We sing for our own enjoyment, in unison and harmony, using a wide variety of music. Read more

  • Strings ’n’ Stuff

    This is a small group of multi instrumentalists, playing mostly traditional folk tunes. Our instruments include guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, whistle, accordion, flute, bodhran, fiddle, in fact anything that makes a noise! We meet on Mondays 1pm to 3pm.Home Page Read more

  • Music Appreciation

    “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Confucius Recent research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being and boosts our physical health. Classical music can decrease blood pressure, fight depression, improve memory, relieve pain, reduce stress levels and make you happy! So, if you enjoy classical music or… Read more

  • Guitar Group

    This Group is for improvers and intermediates and will be a learning group for exchanging ideas and learning and playing songs together. This group is not suitable for beginners. Read more