Sheffield u3a

Group Category: Science and Technology, Social Science

  • Science & Technology

    Talks/presentations using Power Point on scientific and technical subjects by our own members and external speakers, often drawn from our two universities. Subjects range from engineering, physical and chemical science, botany, medical environment, resources and materials, topical science and technical matters. No speakers receive a fee.Home Page Read more

  • Sustainable Living

    We are a group of which the members are interested in all aspects of living sustainably. We cover organic gardening and land use, energy conservation and global issues. The natural resources on which we all depend are running out. We, in this Group, are determined not to just bury our heads in the sand but… Read more

  • Maths

    We discuss and solve interesting maths problems (many with applications) dependent upon the skills of the members present. Challenging problems are undertaken by the members with previous maths expertise. Maxima, a Computer Algebra System, is used to handle complicated manipulations and graph plotting. Read more

  • Environment

    Meetings are held fortnightly, throughout the period from October until July. The meetings comprise bi-fortnightly lectures given on chosen topics by individuals within the group, based upon their research and personal experience, followed by questions and discussion. These alternate with bi-fortnightly Update sessions which ask members of the group to submit short contributions for discussion… Read more

  • Geology

    The Geology Group usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month. We rendezvous at a location of geological interest which is within a two hour drive of Sheffield, usually closer. The walks are up to about six miles, often shorter. Volunteers from within the group take turn to organise and lead the walks. We… Read more