Sheffield u3a

Archaeology Group

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Coordinator:
Matthew Love
Group email: Archaeology group
When: afternoons
Venue: Red Deer public house

This is a new group, currently establishing its level.   Meetings are likely to be pitched appropriate for people who are interested in what archaeology can do, but who are not professional archaeologists themselves.   The group coordinator has no qualifications in archaeology either!  

During non-summer months we are likely, as a group, to share our understanding of how archaeology is done / what methods are used.  We will have the occasional visiting speaker,  but normally meetings will be “self-help”, with a lot of emphasis on trying for ourselves (often by trial and error!) methods we have read or heard about.   The intention is to be practical, but indoors.   The staff of the Red Deer pub in the city centre have very kindly offered us the use of a room (upstairs) – please thank their generosity by buying a soft drink or whatever [no hot drinks available].   If we manage to get projects going we may also organise indoor visits to archives, museums etc.

And then in summer months (when more community digs take place) we will see if we can visit “live” excavations to see the methods in practise.  If we hear of opportunities for you to book directly with dig organisers, so you can have practical experience of archaeology, we will let you know. 

The day (always weekday) of the meeting will vary until we get an idea of the best day for most people.