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Tying Up Your Loose Ends

Status: Active, full but can join waiting list
Group email: Tying Up Your Loose Ends group
When: Two afternoons - 4th and 6th June or 2nd and 3rd October 2024
Venue: Shirley House
Cost: £10

Jo devised this course on the back of her pastoral care (aka chaplaincy) role in hospital and her work as a Humanist Funeral Celebrant - she sees how many people are unprepared for their last chapters and the stress that this can cause for them and those left behind. This participatory and engaging short course runs over two consecutive afternoons and starts by helping you consider your life and legacy; recognise its themes and sequence. This leads us to a consideration of what you might like to put in place to safeguard your interests and preferences should you have a change of fortune. We then go on to identify what could do with tidying up, or being explained, and how to make it easier for others when you are no longer here. Lastly we think about options for funerals and final ceremonies and how choices might be made. The course is for people who want to be more informed and to be given a nudge to get organised - this is the place where you can talk about the inevitability of your death without getting tangled in other people's emotions. You will get ideas about how to get your affairs in order, refresh your instructions, and initiate conversations with others to establish shared understandings. This is not a grim or glum course - there is humour, insight and pragmatism and we inevitably experience how everyone is taking their own individual path and formulated their own intentions to tidy up their loose ends.