Sheffield u3a

Walking Cricket

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Coordinator:
Chris Jones   Tel: 07753 829771
Group email: Walking Cricket group
When: Weekly on Thursday mornings
Venue: Parkhead Cricket Club
Cost: £3.50 a session

Barnsley U3A (2 teams) and Wakefield U3A (1 team) play walking cricket, and are hoping that Sheffield U3A will start their own team/s.

The game is played on grass, Astro Turf and indoors. Ideally a team consists of 8 players and a game lasts approximately 2 hours or shorter if sides are 6 players. The games adhere to National ECB guidelines which are kept as simple as possible. The game is open to both men and women and underarm bowling is allowed.

Yorkshire County Cricket Board are very supportive and may provide a grant towards the kit. They are also looking to sponsor a three-way tournament on the outfield of Headingley, using all their facilities once a year.

Winter play will be in Springs Leisure Centre (Thursday 9-11) sports hall and summer play outdoors is currently at Parkhead. Teams are of 8 –usually with at least 3 ladies – and all kit is provided. The game is suitable for all.

You may like to play this version of Walking Cricket (loosely based on the dice game 'owzthat'): Walking Cricket Game