Cover photo: Bainbridge Archimedes Screw Power Generator where the Rivers Ure and Bain meet. The locally-run community power scheme, launched in 2011, generates enough energy to power around 20 homes.
Photo: B. Smith 2020

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Joining SU3A or to find out more:
Samina Aslam  Initial Enquiries Officer
(0114) 235 1489  enquiry at su3a.org.uk or   sammas1747 at gmail.com

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SU3A Membership Team  wa-admin at su3a.org.uk
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Fran Rodway  Group A General Coordinator
07774 142409  groupsa at su3a.org.uk
Jenny Graaf  Group B General Coordinator
07955 679703  groupsb at su3a.org.uk
Barbara Lowe  Group C General Coordinator
(0114) 248 8367  groupsc at su3a.org.uk
Group Records Team  grouprecords at su3a.org.uk

University and Research Liaison Officer:
Samina Aslam
(0114) 235 1489   sammas1747 at gmail.com

Anything else:
Anna Harvey  Secretary
07973 771957  secretary at su3a.org.uk

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