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Group Finances Saved

The following table shows the values that have been submitted. If you wish to change anything, you can select your Group again on the webpage Group Finances and update values as necessary.

Does your Group have a bank account? No
Bank balance & Cash at start of year - 1 January 2023 £0.00
Standard Group Fees £0.00
Donations £0.00
Bank interest £0.00
Other Receipts £0.00
Total Receipts in year £0.00
Rent / Room Hire £0.00
Activities £0.00
Equipment purchased £0.00
Other Expenses £0.00
Total Payments in year £0.00
Receipts less Payments for year £0.00
Bank balance & Cash at end of year - 31 December 2023 £0.00
Person submitting form, if not the Coordinator Les Baker
Their phone number