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Information for Group Coordinators

GDPR Reminder

Please remember to use bcc when emailing your Group members unless they have given specific permission for their email address to be shared within the Group.

The main information that you need can be found in the Advice Document for Group Coordinators

Other documents relevant to Group Coordinators can be found on the page: Coordinators’ Documents

Details about insurance can be found on the page Insurance

You can find a list of venues that we use (or have used) on page Venues

How to check Group Membership

Renewal closes on January 31 (from 2022) so very soon after that date I will ask all group coordinators to check the list of their members on our membership site. This list will then not include any of the previous year’s members who have not renewed. Coordinators will be asked to send in corrections at that point.

To check the list:

to this website and view your profile. You will find a list of Group members at the bottom of the page.

Membership numbers are used as a check of membership for open groups where needed and just occasionally as an aid to identity. Hence there is no need for coordinators to routinely collect membership numbers in the way that they used to. In general it does no harm if they continue to do this as their own check on membership. They may ring one of the following numbers, or email members@su3a.org.uk if they wish to enquire:

Information on Groups

The information will appear in the alphabetic listing of Groups on this website: Groups. This information can be accessed in various ways, including a complete alphabetical list, a list according to meeting times etc.

This is the basic Information for each group listed under the headings: coordinator, telephone number/email, meeting day/time/frequency, venue, cost and brief description of activities.

It is very important that any changes in Group information occurring should be sent to Group Records who will then update the website.

Group home pages

Each group can have its own page on our website . All you have to do is to email Home Pages and request a homepage

You can use your page to show meeting dates, venues, programmes etc or to report your activities. Pictures can be included and you can have as many pages as you like.

If your group has its own home page it will be shown by a link “group home page” as part of your group information.

It is now possible for the pages to embed Google Calendars, Spreadsheets and other documents on Google Drive and documents on One Drive. This will mean that you can update content without going through the home pages coordinator. If you wish to do this or, indeed, edit your own home page you may request to do so. Note that you will have to send us an email saying:

I agree to the following.

Anyone editing content that appears on the home pages website should ensure their pages are in accordance with all laws regarding consumer protection. Violence, sexually explicit or pornographic content, discriminatory statements and representations with respect to race,sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age are not allowed on these pages. In particular, pages that distribute royalty-propriety content such as music or videos for example are prohibited. The design of the pages are  not permitted to negatively affect the reputation of Sheffield U3A or our Internet Service Provider.

Group Coordinators’ Meeting

These are normally held once a year at some point in the Autumn.