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Su3a Mememorial Garden Easter Sunday 2020


European Travel Group – Romania 2019

View from Palace of Parliament Balcony

Palace of Parliament, First Floor Main Hall

Spot Peles Castle !

Peles Castle – A Castle with a view

Peles Castle

Peles Castle – A loo with a view

What are you doing here? Catherine’s Gate

Catherine Gate, 1559 Brasov

Village Museum – Posh Hen Coop

Village Museum – The Church

Half buried 19C House

Brasov Town Square

Where’s our food? Bucharest

WWii Battles Memorial

Red, White or Rose?

Not sure … Lets try again!

Our Last Dinner

Our Last Dinner

The hills were alive with blue sky and sunshine


Vintage Voices – video


Dippers Walking Group  – Cleethorpes 2018